Family Reunification​

Do you have a family member in Denmark or do you yourself reside in Denmark, then you can apply for family reunification so that both of you will have residency in Denmark.​

How do you best prepare for the application?

The most important thing to sort out before applying for family reunification is the basis for residency. It is a requirement for family reunification that you can prove your relation to the family member/spouse /cohabitating partner whom you want to live with in Denmark. Perhaps you are thinking of settling down with your partner and get married in Denmark? If so, you will have to acquire permission from the Danish Family Court before you can get married.

Are you ready to apply for family reunification? Then check out the conditions:

You need to meet at the minimum 4 of 6 stated conditions to achieve family reunification in Denmark. The conditions fall into the following 3 categories:

  1. Education
  2. Work
  3. Language

The conditions for family reunification require for you and your partner to be able to live in Denmark without the help of the Danish state. Is it not possible for you to meet the conditions due to a disease or other exceptional circumstances? Then you might be able to apply for dispensation regarding one or more of the conditions.

We assist with the application

When you are looking to move to a new country and settle down, there are many things to sort out. It is often quite bothersome to assess the long list of requirements for documentation demanded for the application for family reunification. We assist you in the application process from beginning to end, including making sure that the application is filled out correctly, that all the necessary documentation are collected and that everything is sent to the Danish Immigration Service. Is your spouse/partner already in Denmark, then we apply for procedural residency so that you will not have to part while the application is assessed.

If you need to get married before applying for family reunification, then we can assist you to achieve a certificate of marital status as well. We also assist in other cases related to international family law, e.g. to form prenuptial agreements.

Read more about family reunification on the Danish Immigration Service’s official website: https://www.nyidanmark.dk/en-GB.

Are you looking for assistance from a lawyer?

Please feel welcome to contact attorney Claus Emil Engel Johansen to hear more about your options regarding family reunification etc. ​Use the contact formula below – or call us at phone no. (+45) 86 13 06 00.​

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